WIZ KHALIFA - Ballin Freestyle

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I dream of kush blunts, high fashion and females

She never smoked one but love the way the weed smells

Pistols in the front, choppers on the back porch

Lord knows I wanna teach him but he asked for it

… words, let my money do the talking

I think the game needs some change like you due for parking

We're to blame, you motherfuckers ground control

We escape, skip the rates, pick a cloud and go

My … bi racial, bisexual, buy everything I want soon as I let them know

I snap my fingers and God wild be there to …

Call me the deep and you try and sing like the London Bridge

Big city smoke problems, hate me cause I get a plate off it

What are they starving? Where I'm at? … say you got another question, … it

Ask me if I'm balling


Thanks to khalifa

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