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Ft. Travis Scott

(Produced by DJ Spinz)

(Intro: Wiz Khalifa)

Can't smoke weed to it

I don't wanna listen to it

(Hook: Travi$ Scott)

At my bake sale yeah

We getting ready to bake, hell yeah

Puffing on this dank, hell yeah

Luving having sex, hell yeah

Oh shit, all day, hell yeah

We've been counting cake, hell yeah

Puffing on this dank, hell yeah

We can't wait to bake, hell yeah

I've been on the phone, hell yeah

Getting calls from Rome, hell yeah

Someone started up a bake sale, yeah

They know I got all the cake, hell yeah

(Verse: Wiz Khalifa)

Cookies and OG

Come to my crib, we blow by the Os

Kush, ya already know

It ain't in a joint, we don't even smoke it

I keep a bitch getting stoned

We waking and baking, puffin' a J

She told me that I'm her new favorite

How much do we blaze? A hundred a day

Say they got the good but what the pack smell like?

Feel like it's a dream and now we back to real life

It's incredible, I got flowers, wax, inhalers, edibles

All shit ya neva saw, and it's all at my bake sale

Roll anotha 1, help me think well, I stay wit the plane

I'm slanging them thangs, ya know we ain't new to this

Let's turn on the stove and call up some hoes

Let's roll up and do this shit


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