WIZ KHALIFA - Back To The Set

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[Wiz Khalifa]

Yeah, it's your man Khalifa.

Get your fucking life straight.

You alright? [laugh] Yeah, lets get it.

Got my nigga Niko, heavy hustle, taylor gang, world team olympics.


Back to the set as I jet, not giving a fuck about the hoes that I wet.

(back to the) back to the set as i jet not giving a fuck about the hoes that I went. (Back, back)

Stopping at a light on a late night.

Fire up a philly 'bout to get my head right.

Stopping at a light on a late night.

Fire up a philly 'bout to get my head right.

[Wiz Khalifa]

I keep a swisher sweet rolled.

All my money come in roll. I'm Mr. Blow up body old. These haters want me on my toes but I'm relaxed I keeps the army on patrol.

Trappin' jump clones, diamonds, all of mines froze. Get fast money smash hoes.

So hot I radiate got a 88 flow.

I'm crackin ya ear dont dare to say no.

This year I'm pedro, I'm who they wanna vote for.

Got niggas asking me questions like who I wrote.

Another lane, ain't into that same folklore.

Ain't tryna kill with you lames. That's what I smoke for big blunt flickin'.

Million dollar mission.

Hundred hoes on my dick say my tats look like scriptures.

She let me beat I let her read 'em. You need a teloscope to see 'em.




Summer time no shirt. Got a O on me.

Old lady sayin she wanna call the boys on me.

Her grand daughter talking like she tryna go with me.

She can go long as she get low for me.

Start up ya whip take me to the set.

'Cus how ya nanna talkin like man she talkin like a threat.

Cook a nigga food stash a nigga bricks.

Gotta have credit if you wanna be my bitch.

Task fulls got me thinkin bout six flags.

The hood's rockin' guess I gotta miss that.

Pants low, towel on my head, got tha water bottle.

Weed sorta follow, getting rid of O's.

Getting rid of those runnin down town boutta buy new clothes.

Ima hustler fuck you niggas 'spect.

Bout to get fresh then it's back to the set, ahh.

[Chorus 2x]

Thanks to Jahar for correcting these lyrics

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Thursday 10th of February 2011 04:54
It's "fire up a Philly blunt to get my head right" and "I'm mr. blow it by the O"