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Hold on turn me up a little bit more

Yeahh bitch

Always wanted to do this shit

This is it what

Leutenant (in front of?)

Ugh ugh ugh nigga yeah

Fresh up off the plane

Real niggas embrace my music

And bitches go insane

Even the kids growing up the gang?

They don't bother pronouncing my name

They just look at my chain

Boy how much you spent on it?

This ain't nothing but hard work

And what you can get from it

Ain't no toilet paper

But this smell like the shit don't it?

Smoking chronic and drinking pints

Till we get sick stomachs

And them suckers ain't gotta like it

Cause your bitch love it

I'm a roll it she gon light it, she tell me she in desperate need of a pilot

I told her kick her feet up

We gon go to the crib

Soon as I roll this weed up

Call some friends of yours and we gon all have a smoke out

You ain't gotta hold it too long

This is rapper weed

Couple hits is all you go need

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