William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons - Passion Play lyrics

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I should not have hid

where my heart can't follow

cause this grace gets so far

and too hard to swallow

i've been running from Saul,

he's been giving chase

when i look in his eyes

all i see is my face

are you still on my back

after all these years?

chasing my out of hell

and my nice veeners

i don't know how you stand

when you've got no floor

or how you can breathe

with your hands on boards

i just want to be not what i am today

i just want to be better than my friends might say

i just want a small part in your passion play

do you hear when i call

in the midst of wrong?

do you hear these here words

while i sing this song?

are you caught up in me

like i heard you say?

or just some big cashier

that i'll have to pay

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