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Yo jazzy whats happening man

Yo ice cream tee is that jazzy jeff and the fresh prince

Yeah tey made that rap tune girls aint nutin but trouble

Those brothers is dead

I don't even like what they said

What are they talking about man

Tell em again

Listen homegirls let me talk to you

Girls may be trouble but girls are trouble too

Next time a guy try to give you a play just turn your head and dis him and walk away

Excuse me ice cream tee

Hello how do you do

Quite fine my darling and how are you

Well I'm doing quite fine but I'm kind of upset

Because I heard a little something I could not forget

What's that?

I heard you say that girls are nothing but trouble

And now I'm taking this time to bust your bubble

Your arrogant conceited your stuck on yourself

And bragging nearly every time you open your mouth

You think you'll gets the women success will turn your head

Well I'm sorry to inform you that stuff is dead

Wait a minute let me talk to you

I think I should inform you who you're talking too

No let me tell you so you remember me

As the one that bust your bubble I'm ice cream tee

I'm Jazzy Jeff and I'm the Fresh prince

Before we have you arrested what's the meaning of this

You say girls are full of trouble I must play this to you

Girls may be trouble but guys are trouble too

You're a compulsive liar you mind is full of dirt

All you do is worry about what's up a girls skirt

You cant hurt these people because you got a big mouth

You go run and tell your boys how you made out

I think ruthfully your sick you need to be kicked

See I'm getting my loaded weapon you get on my nerve I go click

Guys think they own their girlfriends females aren't possession's we are humans

We like to be wined and dined by candle light

Not being couped up in the house trying to be held up tight

So jazzy jeff and fresh prince don't mean to bust your bubble

But guys of the world ain't nuthin but trouble

So homegirls next time a guy tries to give you the play

Just turn your head and cold diss him and walk away

This amazing hot day I went to see Barney from work

My briefcase in my hand sitting down on my skirt

The undergounds of the surface was the scene of my walk

I got approached from the rear e said baby can we talk

I looked him in the eyes with this fabulous smile

He said I just got paid lets hang out for a while

I said first would be my pleasure to know who you are

And do I have to use my tokens or do you have a car

Well my name is the prince and I'm a great rap star

You don't have to use your tokens I've got a jaguar

I knew there was no doubt I'd jump on this mission

I proceeded to tell him my name with police suspicion

I said ice cream tee was the title I was given

SWP the name of the hood I live in

So we jumped in the ride hit the 95 we turned into his block pulled up in his drive

First step in the house I saw a mouse

I said 90 in the wrong trips and then with the ow

He came running to my rescue he was a little late

My hair was broke my briefcase was in a totally different place

He said I'm sorry take a sip of this bacardi

And excuse me while I go freshen up for the party

I got a little confused I said party what's up with dude

He didn't even tell me I thought that was quite rude

Suddenly through the door was three men in suits

They said hey sweet mama who are you

I said im ice cream tee and who may you be

I'm brother charles brother rick and he's brother ali

Are you here to see the prince

Prince no prince works for me im running the show

Work for me and at 12 o clock midnight you'll be working 42nd street

O my god I was totally stunned he yanked me up slapped my cheek and put his ands on my buns

I said ha you better watch it sucker

I said to myself I got to go get my geurney

E put me in this locker called me a b e and h

Looked around noticed that there was no escape

Left the room went behind closed doors

I pulled down got my briefcase that was on the floor

Flipped the latch lift the lid Pulled out my smith n wesson

Yes my shiny black loaded a 357

Stepped out of the room dressed in shoot of the load

And said they all lay me down and hit me with this tune

When they see my smith n wesson their eyes got bigger

I relaxed latch off chilled back and pulled the trigger

Picked up the briefcase broke out on the double

These guys of the world are full of trouble

Cant live with em cant live without em

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