rate me

you say that it's over this time for good

but this time around you know that i wish that you would not call me on the phone

i need to get used to being alone

now you tell me you want me to be your friend

don't you know i'll be your fool again

you say now you're gone and you won't be back

this time around i'm just a little bit smarter than that

just because you've packed your bags that doesn't mean that you won't return

that's the lesson i learned the last time i let you back in

don't you know i'll be your fool again


my friends tell me that they doubt it when i tell them i can learn to live without it

they say it's a game that i can't win

so you say you found a new man and he treats you fine you say he brings you flowers and bottles of cheap red wine

you say you like the way he wears his hair but don't you know i wouldn't care if you ever walk out on him

don't you know i'll be your fool again

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