Will Butler

Will Butler - Son Of God lyrics

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I've been here forever in the cold

Waiting in the weather while you

Go out searching for our gold

But nothing lasts forever I've been told

Nothing lasts forever, oh

But some of this shit's gettin' pretty old


Oh oh oh, it's the Son Of God

Come down and tell me, water to my face now(?!)

Oh oh oh, it's the Son Of God

Ridin' down from __________(?)

Oh oh oh, and I'll be good, I'll be good

I swear I'll be good

(Verse 2)

But still you don't believe me

As if I would be lyin', as if I was suspect

As if I was not crying, as if I was not forgiven

For my sins, as if the mirror's broken

And I would get no chance on that side again



Softly and so sweetly, whisper near

Softly and so sweetly, because you never know when it's gon' off with you

Well, if you're gonna shake me, say my name

And if you're gonna blame, well then, lay the blame

Lay the blame


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