Wiley - UKA

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Create a buzz, volume 1

Holler at me cause I got the snowflake

… on the block, it’s the whose

Ask me if it’s … I tell him no way

Told me bring it in the whip I’m like no way

Send the taxi on the airings for the whole day

We the one … go away

I do the …rhyming, … oh yeah

I do the …rhyming, … oh yeah

If you’re in the park and you run out, phone

I am a … but I’m not, role play

I want my scrambled eggs done well toast oh yay

I know you’re stopping here but I’ma go the whole way

I’m into soccer, you won’t see me playing …

I don’t want to help a hand outs, no …

Ole, ole, ole, ole,

Ole, they saying I’m doing well I say I’m doing ok

Create a buzz, dang.<br />

<br />

Thanks to Andrei

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