Wiley - Step 8 Freestyle

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Step 8

It’s All Fun and Games Till

Volume 1


Hold tight Danny Yen

I don’t know why I’m in my bull light

24/7 and my old feels tight

Got the vocals right make a phone call light

Right after the free style home call right

Don’t question me..

All I was doing for the last ten years

Was invest in P can’t live without an interested P

Well thats you, thats not me I got a mouth to feed and I’ma feed em well

Even if I got to starve they are eating well

That’s real, been a winner since speak in spell K white speaking well

No hate for a tryer my name is on fire

Cause you cant sell shit if you ain’t got a buyer

Brand aint hot don’t ever say it was

‘cause more time everybody sees through a liar

I’m eight steps up a staircase, thats structure

rudeboy my sounds potent like mustard

I don’t wanna treacle sponge without custard

some spitters aint spat in so long their bones are rusted

came from the hood where nobody’s trusted

I leave your main girls flustered

Diamond encrusted, ran up and i crushed it

This games never been ready so i hushed it

Sailing along on a dingy boat

See sun in the sky but its windy though

Can’t make it today but ring me though

gonna be by the O2 indigo

I never wore chains and ring for show

Look at me I’m on high style

When the G I joined 9 out

So the team may play to oh so

Right now I’m ..got time out

I’m from the ..you the one who get hot ..better sign out

run the. .clime out

when we put time in no take time out

Not to take Mc’s the ..

Don’t holla me I don’t care I’m a boss

See me in the road I’m passing

A remote time ..stop lemon on cheese

I spark it and I call it .. wanan hold one

Wanna roll one I mask it

Hold tight target

That we still around from H around make

how I tend ..that’s cruising the bur

your flow got fleeze and you ..

Don’t care who you are don’t care who you at

who you rap it ‘cause I won’t spear you a bur someone extra doggy

I run the party nobody else compares that’s the word I’m wordy

Bring ..from early

When I go to a Jay T and the people serve me

Wish I could say that want me

I’m like B when they ..on the hook piranhas wanna ..

I’m good food don’t go off early

I’m a grind MV first and when I’m ..but

Now I .. for the girl I’m thirsty

Any funny business can’t you learn me ,

Bouncer, you ain’t got search me for the pursy

if I was a bubble you still converse me

I’m ko you’re gonna learn the ..

Is kidnap me I’m return me

I’m .. any other hand I’m a nightmare

I’m in the south please wanna see ..

Yellow and blue scientist like ..

.. how to buzz in the..

everybody want a piece of the pie here

want a smile here that he .. so you might songs

while I spill on the might clear

I’m a right here

Imagine the life without me spitting on the mike and willing out

So ..to the stylist out

I create the ..you can out the ..out

You can hear what it is when the stylist in

If grime was a plane, I designed the wings ..I got sign ‘cause I’m ..

If I didn’t go the time the tole time I gone

I’m fresh by the songs and got my crew on

..without the devil

When it beat ..i stand for the crews I got the secrey


Step 8

..Danny Yen producer

It's All Fun and Games Till, yeah

Fire on, aha

Thanks to j for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to shy for correcting these lyrics

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