Wiley - Step 7 Freestyle

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Yo ..step 7

Old type darkie

Old type my...

Don't know, follow

Yeah, ass!

LOL... stand up

Hello! Fire!

The grand times are gone, skim like I'm a...

Ya all can see a... but a ...

I'mma a .. squash 'em

I'm to England what we...

What tiny ..but bloody can't knock 'em

..shout to the unknown...

..I think I don't clock 'em

Leave it here!

I could put the crown down for the sick mind

I leave it there... I'm freezing here

See, I don't know steps and I leave it there

Are you having the lyrics, I'm really in there

Like I'm in a... loaded up with ten... in there

Living, leave it there...

On another level where my lyrics is anti Afro

...it was three steps and I'm there like

Ten steps up, ten raps up

Number nine knows it's coming off

When ten steps up!

Substitution get made

and a player might score a couple goals by...

I just might keep going, keep, keep going

Nobody .. looking when he's flowing

Nobody showing the excuse that he's showing

People are looking at me like he's going

Back to start of the game he's going

All grown up, I pick the phone up

Say what I'm saying, I'm done, and I'm going

No I think that my mind...

Uh, job's a.. you will get..

Who your friends like?

For me I'm just a MC inside the...

I do this for...

I could put a monkey and a lion

It's why I'm...my own gums

And I do my own...

I'm just spinning... like I ain't got a...

The aim isn't right..

I roll like a comic, I came in a flight

..so I can't go passing blame on a...

But I'll be like a..

Told you I run..

I'm running this shit, summoning this shit

Keep... but it ain't gum in this shit

..falls for one if this shit

I'm... running this shit!

Don't touch me, you will burn your hat on the stove

I'm not.. when I say I stand in the ...

I can handle my...

Even though I know I ain't no...

Piss me I might set you...

I believe in my soul and I need to...

..and I'mma put twenty to the test

I leave twenty in a mess

Pick twenty in a rest, that's forty

Not just twenty and the best

I'm stepping on stones, no bad phones...

Don't fall... repair zones, can't tell me...

I can't.. areas I've my heard

Whenever they start freaking me out, they never learn

I'm quite similar though I never turn

..it's never worth ...

And I'll be on a stadium stage you never heard of

You never heard of it!

..in the building

So funny games, tell

Volume 1!

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