Wiley - Step 4 Freestyle

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Yo, when I say I … the agent

Look into the eye of my opponent

They feel sorry for themselves even though I’ve grown them

I don’t wanna hide, but your men will say I own them

But I’mma… don’t phone them

I’m a top ..already, I won’t clone them

Don’t ever start… how I go that…

If you wanna fuck with my scars, then be my guest

Wanna fuck with my heart, then be my chest

Want me to put you on, be my guest

If you want me to part you, then be my test,

Nigger, see my quest, I wanna be the best

You can’t see it, but you wanna be a pest

And your music, I won’t invest

Cause your part is way below the breast.

I roll that chubby…

All to get money like…

When I say the fever will come in …

Also the days I was happy

Actually a jungle, some never knew I had this

..and I run this city, free chains on, and I run this…

I’m the king of… if you don’t like, hit ‘em and jump off the cliff one time

..that man ain’t ever be…

I’m the king of… if you don’t like it then jump off the cliff one time

..that man ain’t ever been …

Won’t say that I told you, mean she knew it…

..if you really wanna strap with your melon

You stopped playing songs like you done it six years…

Everybody told you…

There’s a liquor problem, you got no belly

…you’re not heavy

I wanna hear heavy again, no…

You bluff, you ain’t gonna shit another day

And you want us swing ways with the heavies

I never saw where he is berried

And I ain’t… far shit

If you wasn’t crying and…. with a party

But you seem like you needed a ..

Why do you care for?

Why… is gonna put you here for?

What you ever done out here that makes a Lord wanna put you here for?

I’ve done free, but you fear for

I’m doing ten, so you hear more

And now my head turning, cause I wanna find words that rhyme with…

If you hate me and you don’t like me …

..man, I gotta move that floor…

Who’s that winner, why …that boy east side of the river

..take care of family, take care of friends

I got the power, stand, deliver

Make a noise of a… so I’mma put it out now, let me see it…

Quiet cool, like the color blue

Same color as a… drink, don’t wait for the day I sink

Cause more…. I sink.

So I’mma hang in… I know you don’t work, I’m…

If you don’t wanna sing my praise

And you … that I was erased

All because I don’t risk my head …

Then you ain’t gonna sing my praise

Keep thinking that I was erased,

all because I don’t risk my head …

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