Wiley - She Likes To

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She likes to drink it

She grabs the glass and likes to sip it

She loves champagne rose campagne

If you got a bottle then she wants to drink it

She loves the whole flex

When I'm bringing in the bottles

In Christian Audigier

Can't copy him (uhuh uhuh)

She love the colour of the bottle though

Get her little hands on it she's a bottle op-e-ner

But yo this ones a rose

Watch her twist the top then follow up

You can learn a few things just swallow up

You dun Know what Madonna Does

She's tellin me gee!

She likes to wine on it

Short skirt look kind of fine in it

Yeah she likes to whine on it

That's why I keep my eyes on it

I'm in the club just clock suttin nice

Eyes on her wondering what's on her mind

I was watching her wine

Like I mindin her drink watching her whine

I'm fly on the floor my lyrics tell this s***

These flies on my book I'm shining cause I'm blessed

And I'm wise you know I've got girls to the left and the right

She loves what I be

Me and my team run the grime scene

Covered in ice cream down to my feet

Check the ic's on the back of my g's

When I hit the rave dark it's ben of the drove

Have the bottle of errol of joseph no renault no focus

A class triple a pass and a quick entrance no joke ting

Come here to rep for the rave but if

Anyone steps on my face,

I'm settin a pace it's all weapons ablaze

I ent tellin them I step withh what what what what

Look she likes to tease me

But I'm outta this world with E T

She knows the wretch is greezy

Well get connected with BT

Why you gotta be like

That I ain't tryin ta be your man

That's ironic BABE.

I see your plan infact I'm on it

So be proud to meet your match

With no pitch or referee

We'll do this in the westwood ledgendary

I ain't doubting I'm fast

Your my head mistress but I'm out of your class

She likes the carnival

Favorite film love & basketball

I'm a hot boy here comes the barbeque

She's got a man but I'm unregardable

I'm at the club with somebodys woman just cause somebody bet me I could'nt

If she ent a good une

I'll bring the whole hood in for when I get my foot in her door I keep pushin cause if I get breakfast then I want extra's lunch dinner and pudding I'm lookin

Dry way do it my way when I'm pulling give her the foot which one of you wouldn't?

She loves to dance some

Here again to hype the dancefloor

Girls on-lock inside the can't

Can't forget the three that like to dance

Yo do a one step two step three step

Billy came back for the remix and all the girls that we get

Want to see the sun like phoenix A not B list

The route I took was a scenic straight to the corner of the club

I'm a realist shes not givin a damn

Where she's putting her hands we've got similar plan for this evening

Yow Yow she likes my t-shirt (bish bash bosh)

Wants me to pipe and breed her

Plus her ex mans a eeediot

Me her and her best friend can threesome

It's a one grand two grand more

I can afford anything that she wants

(what did you lash bash?) course! when I finished she could'ntwalk

Dead she was a corpse then I taught her the latest craze

You Know gracious k take your back and your left then put both hands on my head (show me how you get down)

She likes the winner flow

And the way I directed the video

Check one check two check when you see me though

I look like money in my wallet big money in my wallet

Hunny if I'm on it we can make love on the bonnet

Can I grab the bin off will

Look down it's kinda got git off phil

Look round it's kinda like sex on wheels

Chain all blinging, big stage a canee all swinging dropped a little change on wigan f them pennys an I stay for the pimps I'm gettin

She ain't in to grime fam (no she ain't)

But I know she knows who I am I'm in the dance 10 man already got parred but anyone can than I can

First things first I am not on the grind

Diamonds independant my sign got females totally on it she looked at my wrist wnd was like god damn chip what's that?

A morgage deposit Nahh

I'm just being Modest I mean honest it's all the truth

You can blame it on me girl F*** the goose MUNK.

Nasty she Likes me. me . me. me. me.

Me me it's all about me and ma ma mannyman it's all bout me

Gees gal is like griminal sleep boy wi a bad B****

Griminal p

The new school lyrical g gal on their knees like griminal Please! What Griminal wants Griminal Needs.

4 bill the show be the minimal fee

Cha changee cha change cha change cha changee

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