Wiley - Ryder Intro

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Woo, Yeah! Eski boy, chosen... Da Vinci!

Yo, I'm a deep one, deep son, came from a deep slum

So cold after me the heats done

Yeah, n your flows a cheap one, my flows money

Your fams hear my words, like gym class bubble

Call that a discreet one

Got so many bangers on my mac,

When I flick through fam, I'm dyin to leak one

Mic wars, I'll never retreat, one

You see one? You'll never defeat one

When I come in the dance, anybody try n step on the stage

And I'll press 'Delete One'

Delete 2 delete 3 n chief 1, and I'm far from done

Let the beat run, yeah

I'm all that n then some, but let me know when the heat comes

Or the heats here, n heat I don't fear

I beat ya whole click, nan saysa&euro? Oh deara&euro?

Their tunes don't last for the whole year

Next year, my new stuffs gonna go clear

That's why when it's goin my way, everybody starts getin up out of their old chairs

They wanna know why I'm so clued up?

I jus tell em it's London livin, it's London livin

And I am what London's givin as an answer to Urban

On a good day Freddie might av Durban

An some man didn't really care with me, or Larry long time

Bus up the version, I don't wanna hear if mans ears are burnin!

For all I care keep burnin, you don't wanna know about the figures I'm earnin

I'm in the sky though, can't see vermin, I'm earnin Ya learnin, n heads keep turnin

No you ain't like me, I'm too determined

That's why my new rips got the ends burnin

Ears burnin, still I'm earnin, still man better take a learnin pill

Think back to the days when everybody started

Maths & English plus learnin skillzzzz

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