Wiley - Problems

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Ok! Yo! It’s Roll Deep, Roll Deep!

{Chorus x2}

What was that for?

Why you taking all your problems out on me? Why?

Why you taking all your anger out on me? Why?

I just want you to accept me for me, cos I am who I am sorry.

I’m trying to understand your way, and I’m getting there,

I’m speechless sometimes cos I don’t know what to say,

It’s like another reason to make you go away,

It’s like that thing comes into my body then I play,

Our arguments are like lessons to be learned,

It’s like we don’t learn, cos we keep on arguing about the same thing.

Before we drift apart, we better get it running smooth,

Cos ever since I remember my life weren’t smooth

But I changed it, I didn’t settle for the rough life,

Put the rough with the smooth, now I travel through life,

Travel through the mic, travel through real street life

Plus I’m trying to compromise with you and your life,

So my plates full up, I’m trying to do it all at once,

And my heads full up, I can’t clear it all at once.

Please understand I wouldn’t wanna hurt your feelings once,

Cos for once I wanna settle down, but something’s stopping us.

{Chorus x2}

I wish I could explain it to you, when I’m in your face,

But I find myself silent, when I’m face to face,

And I think about you when I’m going from place to place,

If I leave you in the house, I can picture your face.

I can just imagine that unhappy look on your face,

Can you imagine how I feel when I see your face?

I don’t wanna see you sad; I wanna see your happy face,

But it’s my fault that you feel the way you feel in case…

You’re not sure; I can assure you that it’s me,

It’s me who says I’m coming home and I don’t do it.

It’s me who says that I have done it but I haven’t done it.

It’s me who makes you feel like I don’t care for you

It’s me; it’s me, who makes us doubting this relationship,

I doubt you really wanna put up with the dishonesty,

You don’t wanna put up with me,

Gradually you’re gonna get pissed, you’re gonna leave,

While I’m looking for a way to keep you, don’t leave,

Please wait!

{Chorus x4}

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