Wiley - Please Don't Go

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Don't Go, Don't Go

I Ain't Gonna Beg This Time But


Try And Stick Around

It Might Be Like Worth Your While

This Time I'm Gonna

Take Time With Her

Spend Time With Her

Straight Up Tell The Truth Don't Lie To Her

My Life's Like A Merri-go-round

Turn Your Stero Up Loud

I'm Spending My Life With Her

Target Knows He Saw From The Start

Down At Brixton Academy

I Was Eye To Eye With Her

Now The Future Lies On My Actions

If I Keep Cool We'll Be On A Plane Flying Round The World

Let Me Fly With Her

I'll Garantee She'll Be So Happy Like My Very First Time With Her

Leave The Money

Leave The Car

Leave The Line With Her

Smart With Money

I've Been On The Grime With Her

R6406 Been On My Bike With Her

I'm Out Of Mind

Out Of Sight With Her

You Can't Stop Our Set Motions Fly Around To

You Got These Spies Around

Who I'm Gonna Spend Every Night With Her <br />

<br />

Thanks to Katiee :D x Aged 14

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