Wiley - I'm On One Freestyle

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Any mc's you feelin' ?

Wiley, I like Wily a lot

I'm getting so old,

Feels like yesterday when I was 19

Apologize if I say, suck your mums and haters who don’t like me

It's only cause I'm human

You should understand I don't put them beneath me

Keep them on a same level

It's probably why a major won't release me

But ring me in a bit though, cause I could make your artist have a hit though

And I'm on my way back to my spot

With a few new vids that you already shot

Not that I ever left flight for the top

But I got my fade back and I'm laid back

To the ladies, they wanna take me into to house, all over the house

And she goes wild if I go crazy,

I got studio booked in the morning, but I wonder if I'll make it

Most of time I go in the evening

Work so hard that I can't be lazy

All I care is about women and the money that I earn

If you think about a game then you just haven't had a turn

I can tell you that it's magical just watch me and you'll learn

And I'm only getting older somebody should have told you

I'm on one, yeah, I'm on one

I said I'm on one, fuck it I'm on one

might have grade but the cheese is blue

lemon is haze but the cheese is you

Let me tell you what the cheese will do

Control your mind and your breathing too

I'm on one, fuck it, I'm on one.<br />

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