Wiley - If You're Going Out I'm Going Out Too

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Me stay in and you're going out?

Nar, you stay in and I'm going out

It's ok I, know we both like to rave,

But you like to rave, I like to say, it's alright though.

Here I go spending money, champagne, five-os everythings funny,

You ring me I try to ring you

Can't get through now life ain't sunny cause

You ain't sure if I'm getting down with a gyaldem,

You could be getting down with a mandem.

Whatever. I'm gonna have a good time,

Cause I was born a raver, standard.

Wanna stay out all night in Camden,

I'll be home at 6 turns out you arrive at 8,

And I'm not amused she's actin' like she ain't got a mandem

If you're going out I'm going out too,

You can wear vagent I'll wear blue,

Draw attention to yourself all night,

Yeah that's okay I can do that too.

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