Wiley - Go Nowhere

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I’m back on the main, back on the main drop

Back in the …back to the …

Care for the free, man I see it’s 2 …

As well as the people who saw it too

And helped out, I owe you a favor

Let’s take this thing where it should have been taken

Cause I see a space in the market vacant

I was impatient but now I’m patient

I got time to…now I’m failing

I evaded, I …shaded, I be in the sunshine getting degraded

I like training, it does my brain in

But if I trained to perfect, I’ll be an alien

Smarty pants, talk to the city

Underground, I could walk for the city

Could have been … or sticky, or pretty

I’m a … things will get tricky

I’m a freeway, just like hello kitty

Never the less, I got thrown in the …

Plus the flow city like hi Nicky, … you’re so pretty

London’s cooling, we got a good vibe, work to the morning

I love music a bit too much

Or maybe that’s I’m … I’m having fun, in the studio

On the radio, having a run

I am the lord now I’m carrying one

Play through my … while I’m … the sun

…swag will show the champion in me

Anywhere I go I be stumping on beats

Love my treats ,standing on streets

Even with family on reach

I still walk my own way cause I didn’t really wanna hear

Anybody preach

I was cool like zack but they was like screech

I’m into learn, and to teach them, …

Right now I’ma teach you something

Don’t bring sand to the beach

I flew to where I’m standing in weeks

I go higher than mountain peaks

…I’ve been lost but found by peeps

Spend so much I could drown in receipts

…gotta keep that one there on the low

Gotta keep one there on the go

And I gottta be … one there on the road

When you get not much air you will know

Everybody leaved your music alone

You’ll be …outside standing alone

…williaam … I am clearing the zone

My name is what, your …in a row…

I’m sharing a toast, I’m sharing a toast.

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