Wiley - Garage Freestyle

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Holiday romance wanna beat you day hold hands

But when the night time reaches up busy I can’t make no plans

You wanna feel like she gets attention

So cool but I forgot to mention

When i got work I work no hustle

And what you want .. no bottle

You wanna link up I said yeah babe

I fly round the .. i’m on the airway

You look good at the bar .. case

Let’s roll for the sea air face

I got my eyes on you I’m attracted

Back ..at the .. relaxing

I feel good and I don’t wanna go back

Is .. due to a holiday romance.

Sweet dreams to a holiday romance

.. dreams to a holiday romance

.. dreams to a holiday romance

..she may ..looking spot in the ..

.. booking feeling .. when a girlfriend ..fishing

I cannot do this without .. so ..represents black man

Let em told that again, let em tell that again

I might kiss the lips of a princess

When .. searching for the best ..round up

I can world with the

Yes I got one thing to tell ya check your bump in a ..dress

What’s your number name and address

Yes what’s your number name and address

I don’t know everything nice

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