Wiley - Don't Throw It Away

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(ft. Tony Yayo)

Can’t forget Radio Planet. Tv



Why you calling me a mason, when i stemmed from the pirate station,

I was giving out special dedication, to the listeners all around the nation,

I made music thats my occupation, i got chains but they never been taken,

I think ahead thats why im never complacent, whoever's king why we always wanna chase them,

I started on my drum kit sittin' in the basement, thats why the real musicians i rate them,

In my rhyme how could i ever hate them, im in the UK getting inspiration,

We need a new kind of formation, so let me make slight alterations,

They wanna act like god never made them, you see the roads they travel i paved them,

Chorus: [x2]

To my uk stars its a wrap here,

We are never gonna go back here,

We got a future thats brighter then a dark one,

Take my advice when i tell you [please don't throw it away]

I gotta a b*tch name better than I’m taken

I hit the blue chain in the crib make up

sweet positions she like how I rape it

now thirty .. on a bracelet ..with the face left

it’s a 2012 spaceship ..money on a day shift

and get all my cook money on

get all my cook money on a ..

So police wanna hit me with the .. he would ..

But this money make bad b*tches like me


You know I keep the dough ..they don’t like it.

2 x Chorus:

You can’t start this rap hit

We never gonna go back then

We gonna future this prayer in the dark one

Take my advice when I tell you please don’t throw it away.

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Thanks to Dkdonable for correcting these lyrics

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