Wiley - Climbing

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feat. Mr. Hudson

I had to work for my … to survive

… I'm lucky to be alive, the rooftop is blocking the rain now

I'm in the booth and I'm letting all my pain out

I feel powerful, I got music more than album …

So many songs I can't even count them all

Plus I'm confident, I get compliments

Make me a Trafalgar Square monument

…fans forever there …

When you see me still can…season

All I wanna do is be in the lime life

Make more money than a …

It was enough but I got a strong drive

I had to shoot but I want a long 9

If you ain't got a place in the uk scene

Then you must have read the wrong sign

Follow me though

Every single day I'm climbing, climbing

Trying to find a way through to you

Every single day whatever comes my way

Don't get it twisted I'm still thinking of you, of you

Uh, what, no pain, no rest for the wicked

I wanna push the uk to the limits

Don't wanna see good plans in the side line

The iron's hot, strike at the right time

Fly by on a … high … defenders all of the time, yes

Common sense is all in the mind, I stand up strong not falling behind

There's more to England than London I see it

If you don't travel around you won't see it

Country side towns and seas

Different people living life the roads are still be

But I … my fiber round, I gotta try harder this time around

Cause the numbers don't lie they tell the truth

But them talking, no excuse.<br />

<br />

Thanks to Andrei

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