Wiley - 50/50

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It’s Eskiboy aka Wiley

And I’m back, still treddin’

A right nice 50/50

Yo, I’m 50/50 nifty nifty

Got the best deal nobody can twist me

Anytime somebody try to shoot me

I flip the board, they miss me, miss me

They don’t wanna two fist me, fist me

I’m quick

I used to kick ball with

And now, I fly through the air like a Frisbee

Or paper aeroplanes see my life is risky

They like the hype, and I like the mic

We both like to fight, them girls like to lips me

I don’t mind I’m an artist, don’t take part if you dont like drama

Everyday I make history

If I wanna turn Muslim I’ll go ‘n see Ibby and Shifty

I got a brand new deal; at the other end it’s 50/50

I’m 50/50

Hold tight Big Dadda

Eskiboy, Roll Deep, Boy Better Know

Nothing long, E3 all day

So Shu Hut Muh

It’s not 2% after recruitment blood

It’s 50/50; I got too many memories of pain

And now you can’t hit me

shifty Let go now before I show ya whole street about

E-LOAN history, I ain’t mad I’m a 2-6 dad

2-38 Spang 2 times 6 Bang?

And she loves me, just like everybody’s girl loves Frisky’s show

I gotta let you know, this seems tipsy, Fuck

When I’m on the stage, DJ’s don’t worry just mix me

We could be in Leicester, we could be in ?

Watch me, I can get the whole crowd with me

Can’t get rid of me, I’m so nippy

And my new album did more than convince me

I’m a star in the sky can’t miss me

You can’t miss me

Eskiboy aka Wiley aka Igloo boy aka Roll Deep

Boy Better Know, Grime, what ever you wanna call it

And I’m not even eating pies anymore

I’m not even eating pies, I don’t want no more pies

Man’s looking for the big P you get me?

50, bumbaclut 50!

Thanks to dizziep_rulz for these lyrics

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