Whitlams - I Get High

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I get high when trouble arises

Something in me surrenders and falls

Say my goodbyes when trouble arises

I smell trouble I look to the door

I used to think I'd been down for so long

Then I get back my health it don't seem right

Some of us are just born to be wrong

And you and me Stevie

We were wrong from the start

When I get worried

I'm usually worried about Tim

Maybe too much maybe the lack of him

I call up all my friends and say

Why don't you help me

I need a reason to get out of bed

Why don't you remind me?

I got home and I look in the mirror

Puff out my cheeks - I'm still the man

I get home and look through my pockets

Where's all the money gone?

Numbers and no faces no names in my head

Numbers and no faces no names in my head

I'll say goodnight to me goodnight to me

Goodnight tockley...

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