White Dawg

White Dawg - Restless

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young and restless tryin to make it in this dirty game

I'm on my knee's lord please see me through this pain

come into a thugs life and make a change

forgive me for chasin all the material thangs

the last year of my life just ain't been the same

I seen 'em die over money,drugs and fame

suicide dawgs runnin' through my jealous brain

young and restless tryin to make it in this dirty game

[verse 1: WHITE DAWG]

all this pain got a nigga on his knees

young and restless tryin to make it in this game of greed

game runners, paper chasers on the grind

you better get yo's cause I'm damn sure gone get mine

white dawg and that nigga dozia slimm

in the steady three caddi pimpin' versacci and portin brim

catchin all the bitches eyes as we ride by

praise me like god as we hit the shit side to side

all them whoadies live service in em gone

broken hearted so much feelin when I'm all alone

nothin to lose so I gotta let my nuts hang

runnin game steady grindin for this fuckin change

train up bitch get yo mind right

no room fo mistakes so you better get shit tight

all em nuts so I stand on my platform

on my knees lord please get me through the storm

alot of things I done did I ain't proud of

except for ways til we both fell outta love

born an alcoholic so tryin to break the cycle

just another sad song in a movie title

see I'm down to play some cords on the keyboard

cut off the lights and cry til I can't cry no more

I make them funk til this shit give me chill bumps

and think about how daddy use to come home drunk

[chorus x2]

[verse 2: WHITE DAWG]

and remember we done fly

to the clouds in the sky

I just wanna get high before a nigga die

so go the rot and playa when gangsta's march and ride

I'm loose so hard but I'm really hurtin inside

been tryin to come to terms with my crazy messed up life

sleepin all day and stayin in the studio all night

I heard a whisper sayin thangs gone be alright

but I'm hurtin like a shank stuck off in my side

browards playa's and we down the magazine

my hands are to dirty for some soap to make 'em clean

ever since I was a little kid I had this dream

playin' ball and bein a star on the team

but it all got twisted up some how

8 years later on the stage layin it down

I'm 24 thinkin ball til I fall

now I make these bitches crawl when I walk through the mall

my ex's mother said i'd be nothin but a bum

I just kept on prayin hopin things would come

now that I made it and got me a lil some

I guess I'm high all this pain made a nigga numb

I'm searchin for the truth didn't see it in front of me

now they want some of me but I ain't givin 'em none of me

tryin to make it through this maze I'm bein tested

just a confession of the young and restless

[chorus x2]

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