White Dawg

White Dawg - Always & Forever

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(Verse 1)

May 22nd, 2005 was the day. I promise to you babygirl my feelings stayin this way. Never wanna hurt you, never will I leave you alone, everytime I'm by your side is when I'm really at home. Always & forever, that's the pinky promise we made, your the reason that I'm smileing every start of the day. & I hope you know I mean it everytime that I say, I love you always & forever, it'll always be the same. Through all the joy & pain, I wanna be there for you. Crying everytime you cry & shareing laughter with you. When I look up to your eyes, I know when love is really true. Aint nothing I wont do if I can see my baby smile. Remember, you can call me anytime your feeling down. No girl could take your place & love me like the way you do. So baby, ima hold on tight because I need you by my side. it's me & you forever babe. I need you in my life.


We were created to find each other, our fate written down for us to love forever. Our hands locking tight as I look into the eyes of that one special person who would complete my life. You were the one I chose out of all the rest. The one who I would cherish & I'll put in all my best, just to stay in your arms, cause baby, being with you just feels so right.

(Verse 2)

Every single second I live, I'm thinking of you. How we met was Destiny, our love is honest & true. Tell me, what am I suppose to do if I aint got you here? I wanna be the one that's by your side through the years. Wanna be the one whos gonna fight away your tears, replaceing it with happiness & take away all your fears. One day we're gonna look back & reminise, crazy all the things you do to me with just a little kiss. I wouldn't trade you for the world, your all that I need. Your the only girl that ever got me feeling so free & I love you with all my heart, & soul til I die. I truly need you baby, your the light of my life, & I know it that one day for sure your gonna be my wife. Just hold on tight cause I'm always gonna treat you right. My baby & my closest friend. I love you babygirl, until the day I die, I'll try to give you the world

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