WET WET WET - Lip Service

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Ain't got enough, so I go out and get some more<br>It got so bad it nearly left me lying on the floor<br>I started thinking that it's wearing on my soul<br>But I got to get it getting tonight<br><br>Raindrops keep fallin' on my window - pain!<br>They make my company<br>I can hear them knocking on my door<br>Now, should I let them in? <br><br>When I look at the faces baby<br>You see how the other side dies<br>I've got to - got to - got to<br>Let them come on in<br><br>Your lip service getting<br>Right out of order<br>Better keep looking<br>Or I'll blow my cover<br><br>She'll get caught by big sister midnight<br>I've been only telling stories<br>You will only tell me lies<br><br>I get the picture cause you never got my soul!<br>I get it, handed back, it turns into a tray of gold<br>That's just a victim of the promises you told<br>I sit and count the cost of living tonight<br><br>Bottle the past and number the label<br>Drink to the future, girl be ready and able<br>Get a grip with a new fixation<br>And take them all and let them all in<br><br>When I look at their faces baby<br>I see how the other side dies<br>I got to - got to - got to<br>Let them all come in<br><br>Should I let them (all come in)<br>Lies

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