WET WET WET - Celebration

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Modern love<br>It's a funny thing<br>It's full of diamonds<br>And a pretty ring<br>But it's gonna get me<br>Oh it's gonna get me<br>Get me so down<br><br>Summer loving<br>Makes me freeze<br>It leaves me standing<br>In a cold, cold breeze<br>So I'm gonna get me<br>Get me outa town and stop wasting time<br><br>Everytime I look into her eyes<br>They're filled with such emotion<br>They're filled with such emotion<br>I don't want to keep on waiting starting my own celebration<br><br>Sisters loving<br>It's a strong, strong thing<br>It's never ending<br>And I don't need no diamond ring<br>But it won't leave them<br>In a cold cold time<br>These are difficult times to be celebrating

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