WERD (SOS) - Vagabonds Pt. 2

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[Werd]Ok I'm back it is me you want to listen toUnderground rapper with awards in his living roomSkipping to a real hot beat with a spit or twoListen you, this is new, its Scotland's speechIts getting through, putting crews, right on their ass manThey just lying like there Azlan Damn can, I just kick it? Yeah I can-canSipping on a can while I'm ripping on the fan-dans(Calm fam) Nah man, I've no time for the nonsenseCheap little gimmicks or a whole lack of contentHold back constant, take things and cross themOut, because I shouldn't talk about what my thoughts bringBut this time I'm addictive as white linesTo those that nose if you know I'm quite kindI'm like nice. one of a kind if it is on mic'sI'm kind of like the opposite of that in real life[Cuts from DJ Uturn][Wardie Burns]Punch line raps dead (no it's no) resuscitate (breath)Bring it back to life (ha) you'll be lucky mateCalling on the ambulance, I'll save you I can manage thisCan't save yourself, because you don't know where the manual isRaj-manina devil, I grab you're cranium levelsI'm getting blood out a stone, I'll stab the stain out a pebbleFuck myself to boiling point I'll shag my name out a kettleThe rebel take it to the level where my name is in medalsSee I'm the prize you can win, I set their eyes in a spinDrooling at my feet they drop saliva-at my shinEat you're IQ for breakfast and cook a Steven Fry-upAnd tie up the damn guy because my dictionary lies shutItching to be Scottish and I call it bonnie rashI'm looking for a woman but they fucking always nashBurning ring of fire and I'm in you're mummy's assShe gave me money for some condoms, now that's real Johnny Cash[Cuts from DJ Uturn][Werd]I'm right back, my rhymes crack, like bad backsMad Max teaching all these kids in this matrix Face facts, writing every letter like its anthraxKeeping a note, keep it down, like its Anne Frank'sDamn man all these bands full of damn camp bam's Putting jams on their Band-camp, I'm Trying to ban whack Stan's, from this land I standSo my plan is to do it, and do what you can'tAnd I can damn spit it, no man can kick itLike I can-can't stand all you're bland crammed lyricsAnd my fam damn did it, done rip it every minuteNever quit it, come with it, even night, son kill itRun with it[Cuts from DJ Uturn]

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