Weezer - Say It Ain´t So

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Somebody's Heine' is crowdin' my icebox

Somebody's cold one is givin' me chills

Guess I'll just close my eyes

Flip on the tele'

Wrestle with Jimmy

Something is bubbling

Behind my back

The bottle is ready to blow

Say it ain't so

Your drug is a heartbreaker

Say it ain't so

My love is a lifetaker

I can't confront you

I never could do

That which might hurt you

So try and be cool

When I say

This way is a waterslide away from me that takes you further every day

So be cool

Dear Daddy,

I write you in spite of years of silence. You've cleaned up, found Jesus, things are good or so I hear.

This bottle of Steven's awakens ancient feelings.

Like father, stepfather, the son is drowning in the flood.

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