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It's all due and hallowed be God's greatness

In this world of your creation, may your will be fulfilled and your soveriegnty revealed.

In the days of our lifetime and the life of the whole house of Israel, speakly and soon and say "amen".

May peace be abundant, descend from heaven, with life for us and for all Israel and say "amen".

May God who makes peace on high and brings peace to all - and to all Israel, and say "amen".

May you be blessed forever, even to all eternity, may you, most holy one, be blessed - praised and honored, extoled and glorified, adored and exhaulted, among all else.

Bless-ed are you, beyond all blessings and hym, praises and concilations that may be uttered in this world and and with us we'll say, "amen".

Israel, Isreal, Israel

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