Webb Wilder

Webb Wilder - To The Loving Public

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Artist: Webb Wilder

Title: To The Loving Public (Webb speaks)


"Hello people of the loving public, this is Webb Wilder,

the last of the full grown men. It's kinda been awhile since ya

heard from me. I don't know where I left off, I don't know where

I'll wind up. I'd like to think that there's no begining and no

end, there's just an eternal Webb.

"Fact of business is, we've got a new record we're kicking

off here with Watermelon Records, in conjunction with our own company

Racket Records. Anyway what we did here was round up a bunch of our

favorite songs, NONE of which we wrote, and put them on this album.

Kinda like if we made a car tape to listen to across America, except

we played and sang all the songs. So we hope you dig it. Its comin'

from everywhere form Waymore Jennings to the Small Faces. Everywhere

from Lubbock, Texas to London, Europe. I don't know, I like to think

that Town & Country pretty much covers it. I always said I've got one

foot in country and one in rock and roll and since they're both

approximatly 13A's, I'm coverin' alot of ground.

"Les James Lester's still onboard. We got George "Torch" Bradfute,

the tone chaperone. Kelly v.i.c. Looney. And The Ionizer's still hangin'

in there. We're all still spankin' the plank. Beller'n and shout'n.

Beatin' and slingin'. What can I say? Thanks to all of yall for comin'

to all the gigs, writin' the cards and letters, and no, REALLY, people

worte card and letters. Thanks alot!

"Work hard, rock hard, eat hard, sleep had, grow big, wear glasses

if ya need'em. Let your freak flag fly. Keep it between the ditches. Keep

on rockin'. Remember, real music is out there and real people are makin' it.

Never quite bald. Never quite wall to wall. You're never too small to hit the

big time, and there's always an Econoline rollin' towards a gig somewhere.

"I am a little hacked off that the Stones are on tour and they haven't

written me a card or even given me a call...." (fade out)

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