Webb Wilder

Webb Wilder - Short On Love

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Artist: Webb Wilder

Title: Short On Love


I got plenty of money

Got my bills all paid

I got money that the government

Don't even know was made

But I'm a little ..

Short! Short! Short! Short!

Short! Short! Short!

A little short on love

But not for long

She's a-comin' home

I was so tall in high school

In sports, I was a crook

I was so hot, I had to squat

To shoot a hook

But I'm a little short ..

Now I've got wheels a-rollin'

Any kind your heart desires

I got: bicycle, tricycle, motorcycle

baby buggy, lawn mower, skates

wheel barrow, boat trailer, tractor scooter

and a brand new Cadillac with a-white wall tires

But I'm a little short ..

She left me on Monday morning

I was a mess by Monday night

I'm six foot, eleven: that's an inch under seven

But that don't cut no ice

When you're a little short ..

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