We Are The Ocean

We Are The Ocean - Young Heart

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Do you see yourself in me

ever made your cloud

but still I'm learning that everything comes around

love feel never comes for free

I'm trying hard and you need to believe

you didn't bring me up to be a fool

but still I wait can I just say?


Hello mother, hello father,

can you hear me, can you see me?

I'm tired to be better

is it working, am I ever go in to

there's something up myself

pick the past upon Michele

I'm looking for a place to start

I'm just a young heart

There's no regrets just wanting memories

can we please just forget what we said

shake my hands don't leave me till the end

But still I wait, can I just say

I can't make it on my own

I need you by my side


I'm just a young heart

Sitting out the water search my reflections not some clear

I throw by now in my life I did other come what's fear

have I don't ride by you

have I don't ride by me


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