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Soon it will be hammered into what she calls her silly head

That she really isn't silly but she's beautiful instead

But every time she gets a hold of something pretty, it slips away

So she keeps hoping that someday soon


He will come. He will come

He will comfort all that's hardened

change the deserts into gardens

and we all will see His face.

He will come. He will come.

He will soften all the starkness

Break the chambers of our darkness

and we'll all be overwhelmed

She spilled her coffee in her Chevy on the way to work at 8:05

She always thought that she was clumsy and she hated it and wondered why

She can handle any tragedy that happens but not little things like this

So she keeps hoping that someday soon

Within the world of a girl, the words she hears they mean an awful lot

And the music in her mind when she gets older has the lyrics she was taught

and when she gets to heaven all the right things will be said

And He will look on her with favor

All my scars will turn to fountains

All my valleys into mountains

And we all will see His face

All you watchmen lift your voices

Then every boy and girl rejoices

when we'll all be overwhelmed

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