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(feat. Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg)

We'll like to welcome y'all back to the club

I'm your host this evening, Mr. Tadah!

Ya dig, club Toe Jam, is once again off the hook

For ladies night, ya dig, everynight

Right now, we would like to bring something very special for you

Check it out

[Nate Dogg]


I like them girls with the tight black skin, dark and fine

Thats the kind of girl I wanna play with tonight

I wanna do some nasty thangs, wanna make her scream my name

I like the girls that don't say, "what?," know that she fine

Always knows her line, because she knows she's a dime

Put her on platinum chains, got her own cash and things

I like them girls, their sassy ways, sassy ways

Oh I like them girls, man I could stay there for days


[Snoop Dogg]

Why you so cute, why you so big

Why you bullshitin', come and deal with a pimp

Put your bags in the trunk, holla at your boy

You can spend the night, we at the Elroy

Doing things that we shouldn't, couldn't

Girl you got that good chocolate pudding

The best in hood, whats goodin'

She got the wizard of west wood, like old John Wooding

But how could I need that

I'm looking for feedback, because I can't believe that

I fell into a little tree sap

I got a woman at home, ain't fell in love where the weeds at

Started off with a dime, but by the time I was thug

She was less than a duece, I'm telling the truth

Confessing with you, I'm just messing with you

Because on the real baby girl, you put in the S in Snoop

[Warren G]

See I rock baby, nonstop baby

Warren G baby, shake that thang lady

I see you picky lady, you be tweaking lady

Pulling that '38 snub out your stock end baby

You put the G in the dub, we hot fuckin' in the tub

I ain't trippin' off baby, so why you trippin' off cuz

I'm trying to get my money right

So you could kick it with baby, but get your mind right

What the fuck is up, you messing with a G

Warren to the L to the B and the C

Regulate get cocked and be original

The game don't wait for female individuals

So what you saying, you trippin' off my homeboy

We ride like that, you know what I'm sayin'

Hey baby, just take the grabic

[Nate Dogg]


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