WARREN G - We Came Here to Ride

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(feat. RBX)


once again, the circle, hehe

continues to hit you with these masses hits

y'know, but we gone do it something like this

for all them bustaz out here

check this out

[chorus x2: RBX]

hey, we came here to ride (don't do it)

forty battle ready and set to collide (don't do it)

niggaz you won't know the death you die (don't do it)

suicide is a suicide (don't do it)

[Warren G]

I'm deadly as ever

ready fo' whatever

tryna to keep my pockets heavy on the cheddar

got nothing to prove, just really expressing myself

why y'all niggaz in the studio stressing yourself

ya got to do it

so why not do it big

drop the music, and spit fluid to they wig


I'm a split the game in half

and leave 'em all mad like Warren you do done did

hey, we came here to ride

never slippin', but rather sippin' on my side

blaze up

cuz I'm tryin' ta raise up

and flow I came up, from broke to paper'd up

don't test me

I bust like a 12 gauge sort of

and hoes jump on stage and rip they draws off

and I see through all that see-through

make up and weave in ya hair these ignit

but, hey

[chorus x2: RBX]

[Warren G]

sworing to the streets

born in the Beach

armed with the heat

mourning my peeps

makin' niggaz respect mine, I came to collect mine

comin' through with a Tech 9, lettin' my neck shine

I let a nigga slide with a pass but next time

I might disconnect his neck from his spine

run up and catch 'em from behind and stretch 'em

we squeez triggers like ketchup, wet ya whole stretch up

scared of the truth, you fear it, don't wanna hear it

'till the Smith's bust, then you listen up

cuz I'm a tell it like it is, like it was or like it always will be

give a fuck if you feel me

[chorus x2: RBX]

[Warren G]

who am I?

W-A double R E-N to the mothafuckin' G


niggaz hang theyself

might as well bend over, and fingerbang theyself

sell they soul for the faim and wealth

and end up broke and lonely

nobody to blaim but yourself

but me, I keep it all business

cuz this is business, can I get a witness

see I been chillin' like a villain

with a million and my children

plottin' or revealin' what the game been conceilin'

I got a little older and learned a bit

a plot the effort and earned a grip

now I know there is a hater in every circle

as I roll another vega heavy with purple

take a puff and inhale and hold it 'till it get stale

in my chest exhale my stress

my nigga R-B-X

[chorus x2: RBX]

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