WARREN G - Walk These Streets

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(feat. Raphael Saadiq, Knoc-Turn'al)

[Warren G]

I make music for block pushers and go-getters

From gators, to house slippers, and Mo' sippers

The old, and new school, the hard hitters

And fuck whoever that don't roll with us

This here is international player

Fuck the Senator's daughter and have lunch with the Mayor

I'm in a league all by myself

Everything I done I did for me - by myself

Walked away from bullshit and called the inner circle

Had to get my head right (fuck Universal)

I took the time to be free again - grinding

I finally feel like me again

[chorus: Raphael Saadiq]

I gotta walk these streets again

I'm gonna roll on with my friends

I'll talke my time, I'll read the signs, I'll be just fine

Mo sipping with my chicks

So hold my telephone cards

I'ma just keep doing my thing, stocking this game, stacking my change

[Warren G]

A range meeting with lawyers and stock brokers

Then back to the block pouring liquor with shirt soakers

When it come to the dough, I'm about my cheddar

50 Cent ain't the first off to pop Berattas

I'ma walk this road and G here forever

Born and raised, addicted to this Cali weather

It feels good to be me right about now

If my moms could see me now she'd be proud

[chorus: Raphael Saadiq]

[Warren G]

All across the globe they know me

I regulate, international G

It ain't nobody as fly as, fly as who

Warren G and Raphael Saadiq, stop acting all edgy

Mentally it's cut already

Bet you won't bet me that your pussy ain't ready

I'm on track on my back, the monkey ain't heavy

Rock on with the mic gangsta beat rock steady

If music should die before I wake I pray the lord my soul to take

Dedicated to hits, and that's showbizz

Can't eat, can't live, can't no busters alive fuck with this

I ain't gone miss, I'm gone ride, put it down that's on my kids

[chorus: Raphael Saadiq]

[Rapheal Saadiq]

Walk these cold streets again

Walk these cold streets agaaaain

Walk these streets again

[chorus x2: Rapheal Saadiq]

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