WARREN G - The Game Don't Wait (Remix)

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(feat. Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, G-Child)

[G Child (Xzibit)]

That's some good dope

Ain't nuttin' like some good dope

Yeah, umm hmm

That's some good shit, man

Woooo, Spaceketeers

Hey, This is the G-Child

We back big baby

Ooo, ahh (Ahahh, ahahh)

I think I need a fix

I think I need a fix, man, uh

[Warren G]

Warren G, G'd up (Uh)

Fuck that blaze the weed up

Got a problem? Best to ease up

Ain't no fightin', I raise the heat up

Gotcha bitch knees up

And by the end of the night, it's beat up

You say you eat dicks, then bitch, well, eat it up

But bring a few friends that's X-tacy'd up, what

[Snoop Dogg]

Now all I see is we, LBC, 213

G's 'n fleezin', the reason, the season

The click's off the heezy, Mr. Warren G-eezy

Gots to make it easy for Snoop D-eezy

To come back and drop raps and make snaps so easy

The most haunted, and most wanted

With a pocket full of hundreds

You know how we run it

[1 - Nate Dogg]

You can catch the bus if you runnin' (If you runnin')

But, oh, no, the game don't wait

No, the game don't wait

All my homies that next to me hustlin' (Hustlin')

'Cause they (The game)

Know the game don't wait

No, the game don't wait (Game don't wait)


It ain't nothin' like a one night stand, a night tan

And a big chest got me feelin' like a brand new man

Roll some doe and nigga gimme somethin' to smoke

Say she didn't love the status, she just love the stroke

Restless, beat the pussy 'til she fallin' asleep

Athletes trippin' off a couple a thousand a week

Just to do the same thang

I didn't even know this bitch's name

She was in my car givin' me brain

[Warren G]

X to the Z pass the M-I-C

Anticipation 213 (Ah)

We contimplate (Ah ha)

And regulate (What)

Now we got the game tight

It's money ta make (Money, money)

The game won't wait but you can wait for the game

Worldwide tour, with skirts screamin' our name

[G-Child (Nate Dogg)]

Ya know I can kinda dig that

Because the game don't wait on anybody

Ya know, I need a fix (Game don't wait)

[Nate Dogg]

Shit don't stop because the game don't wait

I got no time for no damn lunch break

I got to go out and buy some brand new clothes

And change my socks 'fore they reveal my toes

Shit don't stop because the game don't wait

The hookers flock because the dick is straight

Let me teach you what I already know

The shit don't stop, so it's time I go (Game don't wait)

[Snoop Dogg]

Youngsta never bite the hand thats feeds you

Proceed to give back to your folks and loccs that need you

We do, we always keep it on the true

213, that's the name of the crew

It's true, that the dirt i did as a kid got me _Caught Up_

But I was brought up with the M-O if a D-O

So for your info, nigga

I been doin' this before I hit the radizzo

Snoop D-eezy is off the heezey

So you can make mine, extra cheesy

The crew's a twist cuz it consists of

Three riders, Eastsidaz, one love

[Repeat 1]

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