WARREN G - So Many Ways (Remix)

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(feat. Lady Levi)

Hey, nah ya goin miss up on the G-Funk era,

ya know we said things won for Warren G, and soon turned superstar

11-10-7 D that was my intro

but now I'm makin doe, I'm rollin a 64

cuz things get shady where the grass is greener

brotha throwin up sets in hoods like they neva seen a

young mack daddy do his thing cuz I pack right

I got 44 ways to make you act right

and its a shame how the game must be played

it was told never fold by the brothas you can't fade

so raise up off this young hog

cuz I heard you punkin some but you can't punk me y'all

I got my own thang cuz I let my beat swang

if you wanna bring it, bring it on no pain no gain

so as I creep can you peep what I speak

techniques unique, so what you sayin is obsolete

so there it is as I go about my days

I can only bring it to you like this in so many ways


I'm bein true,ain't no fakin wit me

brothas plottin on me, tryin to test if I can see

but I'm peepin out the scene for the peeps who give me props

for stayin out that madness, you know it ain't goin stop

in so many ways I let em know, in so many ways I let it flow

but you still dont hear me doe

so I'm a break it down cuz its quite elementary

this is for the homeys in the penetentiary

AB, Baby Poppa, Big Arch from the block

and the homey Jay Dogg, stay down cuz you's a hog

I got plenty love, and homey love stays

I can only bring it to you like this, in so many ways


I stay true to the game

but some stay blind to the fact

that if I don't look good, you dont look good

so please rearrange and change the thangs you doin

you playin yourself cuz you the ones gettin screwed

as I, ease on down the rick road

as I shift from first to second, cruise control

so swack up the doja

cuz I got the drink, and dont think

we dont roll without a full tank

of that bomb, that we call the funk

cuz I am the G and the funk is what you want

now, lets take a trip to the other side of town

brothas flip flop and they neva stay down

wanna be all they can be, but gettin held back

tryin to take what is mine, (what) what type of lick is that?

so, this is for the homies stay down for your pay

I can't only bring it to you like this in so many ways


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