WARREN G - Relax Ya Mind

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(feat. Reel Tight)

Its that nigga Gz WheeZ

back for the 9-c

I ex sippin on the yak so people wanna know whats next

ain't nuthin changed, another day a new time

with this uptempo beat with the G-Funk rhyme

regulatin state to state, coast to coast

its all about the call of greens, yak, lets toast

cuz its a ballin society

I try to be the dopest I can be in this industry

but you dont hear me

I think ya betta, I think ya betta

cuz when I, get it goin on I ain't gonna let up

I set up, the g-funk family and we

funkin up the industry until eternity

its alright with you if its alright with me,

we'll get down to the sounds of the LBC

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Relax your mind, your mind, your mind

Relax your mind and let your conscious be freein you down

to the sounds of the Warren G

It ain't easy bein Gz

but the lifestyle I chose, the status to which I rose

the doors, I open, I'm loccin, I'm scopin

through the eyes of the G Child

I see many try to duplicate the LBC style

but it ain't even happenin like that

I was time I had to make a comeback

and get mine, you know I'm genuine

been in motion with the potion with Snoop since 89

devotion is the key for me so,

relax your mind and let your conscious be free

the homey just touched down, foolin wit a pound

put yo gun down, so you can walk a safe ground

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

I know it's been hard on you for about two, so

I had to relax your mind, I thought you knew

ain't nothin but a Long Beach party

with yo hands in the air, with the twist of Coke and Bacardi

all the homeys around and the slingshot t-shirts

skirts wit the baby fat it'll work

pass me the indosmoke and get locced

from the beach to the bay, makin them sway

like the ocean in motion, we coastin

relax your mind and keep floatin (floatin, floatin, floatin)

and walk a safe ground

[Chorus: repeat 6X]

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