WARREN G - Reality

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I don't know why they mad at me

They can't catch me but still they after me

When we deal face to faceis a tragedy

You ask why I got my gun they might blast at me

Real niggazreal shitreality

Who gives a fuck if you niggaz is mad at me

Fuck around with warren g it's a tragedy

Real niggazreal shitreality

Warren g top dog

Patrollin the beach

Niggaz say they as hard as bitch

But they're as soft as a peach

Claimin the g of all g's


I come blowin through like the breeze

Sittin on threes

Post it

Coastin mashing down pacfic coastin

The bomb chrome rims black on black yukon

With nuts hangin' from the city

Where the bangers is being banging

It don't seem like shit is changing

I holla'd at the homey the other day

G'ded up at the park sippin alisah

One of the homeys took a beaten

So now we spend at being a gang

Of checking at the meetin like cycles repeatin

It's just another sunset fall in sea

I can here the homeys in the past callin me

And you know what I discovered

What they keep saying

Keep your mind on your money

Muthafuckers and shake busters


Have you ever sold millions

But yet you niggaz persist to talk shit

Get of my dick

You never catch me slipping

Rollin with the heat

Slap the clip in

I never thought the world would started trippin

My life is a tripthough

Hit the crip though

Blow the whistle

They think I banged

So I packed a pistol

Warren to tha g is a g

I don't fuck with you nigga

So don't fuck with me

Let's ride to the east side

Slide like a fo

I packs a fo-fo

When I'm steppin out doors

To the bang to the buggy

If I speak then I spoke

Warren g do it every time to you locc

Get the party beat like blaze and smoke

The east side and the beach

West side of the coast

You know the niggaz that I ride with

Hogsattack dogs

The same niggaz I'm down to die with muthafucka


Who's the man

I've been from london to japan

Stomp land to land

To the egyptian sands

You can't check me

Dis-respect me

Or mop me up

With the base bumpin' out my truck

And all these police trying to lock me up

Money rules the world

And I made the loot

So don't make me shoot

Cuz trying to mash

Will get you done every time

I ain't trying to hurt nobody

But I'm down for mine


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