WARREN G - My House

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Feat. Nate Dogg


You may be black, you may be white, you may be Jew or gentile

It don't make a difference in our house


[My mouse

My, My, My, My, My x 3

(In the Middle of the street)] x 2

My House


My house, my pool, my sofa, my couch, my roof, my ceilin’

My floors, not yours

My cars, my bikes, my rings, my yard, my hood, my corner, my gang

(My house)

Niggas don't play around

My killers will lay you down

My city, My town

Nigga, that's my stompin’ ground

My streets, my homies, my turf

My people since birth

With heaters under their t-shirt



My hoers, my caddy, my foes

My drink, my smoke, my suicide doors

Kush blowing, rimy pouring

Don't trip, you know where all my hoes be

My plaques, My Chauffeur , My Chandelier

My mirrors, my dishes, my silverware

My silk, my leather, my suede

My steak, my milk, my bacon, my eggs



My carpet, my pillows, my rug

My marble, my granite, my wood

My curtain, my shades, my blinds

As far as my eyes can see, it's all

My sink, my closet, my minks

My socks, my draws, my charms, my links

My bank, my money, my savings

My burner on my waist when people try to run in


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