WARREN G - Get U Down Part 2

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This song is dedicated to all my people

That was caught up in hurricane Katrina

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

We ridin with y'all

You know what I'm sayin?

I feel your pain

We gon' make it through this y'all


Come on

We here today, then gone tomorrow

It's got me singin a Marvin Gaye song

It made me wanna holla

So I hop in my Impala

Just to cruise, shake my blues

It's hard to follow

Hard to swallow what they sayin on the news

Good Lord, it's a crazy world

Watchin cops puttin cuffs on a five year old girl

Racism, racism, got our babies in the system

Mom and daddies in the prison

That's intention, no division

They the ones that's all you got

They keep the families divided

Keep it gangsta, keep it real

That's all I hear, but I don't buy it

When it's Revolution time, all these fool's will keep quiet

Like shhhh, you can-you can hear a pin drop

Can't go to one-ten cause I might get popped

People shootin on the freeway, when will it stop?

But stay strong, cause the rain don't last

And push the war up in 'em, will fix the price on gas

Don't let nobody, no-o-o one

Get you doooowwwwnnnnn

Cause if they do, if they do

I'll be arouuuunnnndddd

Why the black and the brown got to fight in the Pen.

The black and the brown, they squabbin again

Them God damned sheriffs, is laughin again

It all stink, keep yo ass out the wind

See the black and the brown, we can share the same land

When I was a slave, where the hell did I ran?

California man, it was full of mexi-cans

Look mu-fasa, this is they casa

Just, kick back and enjoy the sunshine

Live ya life, stay away from one-time

Get'cha money man, find the lunch line

This ain't a joke, homie where's the punch line?

The ghetto is a trap homie, take the cheese

Soon as you do it, here come the police

Invented and designed for us to fail

Homie, don't you end up dead or in jail

Don't let nobody, no-o-o one

Get you doooowwwwnnnnn

Cause if they do, if they do

I'll be arouuuunnnndddd

What's really good?

What's really hood?

What's really goin on?

Open your eyes and ears

Wipin your eyes from tears

From all the lies and fears

People get blinded here

Let me define it clear

You gotta cross the bed

Tell 'em some thoughts, oppressed

Someone who flosses there

You gettin lost in there

Homie they cost they fares

Niggas get bought and passed

Tell us, get caught somewhere

Never get tortured, kid

I heard the shot from there

Hit on the spot, from where

Right on the street, prepared

Levels of heat, you there

Spit at my feet, I swear

I will retreat, for years

People deceive the peers

Make you believe the cheers

But underneath the smears

I keep switchin gears

Fall in my sleep, I wear

For all the seekin shake

You got a dime to spare?

You sound so sincere

You're bottom line, bitch yea

You sound so sincere

I try to do right

I don't wanna do wrong

I'm doin better things

Man, I wanna live long

Ain't too many fools out there harder than me

I love football so much, man I started a league

Oh what a pity, is made for the inner city

Used to be dark, but now the park's real pretty

Lil' boys outside, throwin footballs

In the hood y'all

Hey Snoop Dogg, how could y'all?

Let 'em pass instead of blast

The football field is a class

And I'm a teach ya, teach ya my lesson

Shotgun formation, no Smithson, no Wesson

The haters keep stressin

And everybody wanna ask me the question

Hey Boss Dogg, how you feel now?

You helpin out the kids, and they still hatin on ya, wow!

You know what I'm sayin

There's a lot goin on in this world

But we gotta keep on pushin and movin and groovin

You know what I'm sayin?

Yea, even though we got these hard times

We still gotta keep it steady, ya know?

Keep pushin

So I want y'all to ride with me and cha-cha to this

Dedicated to my people out there strugglin (Stay strong)

Single parents, nine-to-five, steady hustlin (Stay strong)

College students workin hard to be somethin (Stay strong)

Anybody makin somethin out of nothin (Stay strong)

Dedicated to my people on lock down (Stay strong)

Anybody lost somebody, wish they still around (Stay strong)

To all the soldiers fighting for us on foreign ground (Stay strong)

To one and all, turn them frowns upside down

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