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(feat. Kokane)

Definitely On The G Funk Vibe

This rap shit got my own cactuses

like we never slept on the same mattresses

Young age football practices

Biscuit shine, Five of the ones on the waistline

I ain't worried about no platinum change

I'll give ya a 59 with a batman ass go range

[Mumbled speech]

Ok, musta being the zodiac

V.I.P I really don't let this shit get to me

I just flip tracks, spit facts

get relaxed, with G Funk laxed in the back

We stay in the ghetto, havin a tap with rugrats

cats, and taps, with flaps

Foul language, old english it's dangerous

It stays the same and never changes

[Crumbling cries]

G Funk is here to stay

I pop a cap

domino's and spades

with a bag of gange and smoke it all day

there's a staircase, its a true 21

Here's a toast to the thugs

High drop 4 sheezy, drinkin' ma bud

i still love n-a-t-e

rollin from the sheezys

With a dress code like dubsy and a circle arse

G-Funk is here to stay

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