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[Kurupt talking]

Y'all don't know nothin about this HEE-ARE

Hahahahahahaha, yeah! It's Kurupt Young Gotti

Hehaha, sup Warren G? It's my homeboy, huh?

With my niggas Crucial Conflict, huh?

Chillin, huh? Bumpin, puffin on a little bit of that Hay

*TOKE* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

[Warren G]

Dollars make sense, it's all incorporated

I'ma get it all, since a BG I done did it all, was in it all

When I first thought I was in the wrong

Couple tokes, alcohol

Got everything I need, Hennessey and weed

Since my arrival, based on this modern-day survival

Evrything is technicality, everything based on reality

So how do I get paid, all these licks nowadays

They want me laid, dropped and plagued, AK mouth is sprayed

It's like I'm blind, and I just can't see

Warren G, I'ma holler at the homey Shorty B

"Shorty B IT'S ME!", G Dove, I'm out to make a grip

So call Crucial Conflict and let's make us some bomb shit


Look at me on the M-I-C

Tryin to stack my tips, comin in a big ole ride

With all that bumpin side, livin up in your eyes, surprise

Hangin on the corners where the young brothers be comin up

The gangbangers be gunnin up, the type of brothers that roll with us

High tech with much respect, with all that G's swarmin

Like G-Funk in your eyes and make you see we about that cashflow

Put em in a lasso, don't try to sweat, no joke

We illa your side, in the back we get hot, trade bump and hit em up

With the jigs up,

freaks from the West to the east to the South where they chief

Kurupt in the mind, Young Gotti down with the raw dog Flict

I ain't no tricks, nigga Wildstyle, enemies get closed down

We rock the shows, slammin do's, Cali to Chi-town


So chop it up, I'm gonna kick some shit about what's goin on

Have to get my loot up so I suit up

looked in the mirror said to myself "It's gon' be gone"

I'm sick of goin thru the things that I have to do do

Cops are happy to jack fools, I'm strictly ever gon' gank move

I hate to be the one that have to take it

But you best believe I'd die to make it

anywhere in the world I'm standin with my pockets naked

Set it out set it out, that's what I'ma holler

On some slick, tryin to come up quick, witta trusty ole dollar

Watchin you watchin me, hope I slip and bust my knees

I'ma have to greet you at the pond, you should just be thinkin C's

Comin out at ease, no matter what I'm still hard to please

Flap flappin sky, be real til the day I leave so sneeze

Chorus: Reel Tight

Talin bout that money, dollar

Gettin that money, gettin paid

*repeat x3*


We, smackin and stackin, packin, strappin, what's happenin? Rollin

Cruise-controllin, the fo' and Daynes swell up

Get the hell up, trump-tight click just in case I'm lavish

Tryin ta fade me, you crazy ladies, babies created

Men are shady, straight make me drink til my thoughts get swavy

I think, maybe if I blink things will get back gravy

But loccs in the hood they lord be makin it hard so lately

But I gotta stay at the table, cos that raw dope is that will pay me

Westside of California, on these corners pimpin daily

Retire out on the lakefront, smokin blunts

Takin the sale G, trap me like the male be

To the Westside I'm a mental, all the regulators trail me


Don't kick it out, let's do this

Comin out the do', we down to wall

Gotta get in the business,

tell me waht's the call, we to the fall to ball

We can't just fold up,

gotta whole bunch of homies dependin on this, sho'nuff

This only hustle is for brothers,

feel to bring the business so slow up

And we still up on a mini gold rush

Ready to make the world go down

Bound to get it cos I'm down wit it

Now shitty the city, Conflict's causin critics to bite tongues

Ain't the one, with the shotgun, showdown

My town to your town on the rebound for them papers

[Warren G]

It's like brother brother brother how you make em get down?

From the LBC to the Chi-town, Westside straight gettin down

Hittin switches and we checkin all snitches

Gettin all riches, and flossin in our pictures

It's time for some new hits, one of us

You know I spit some coast to coast love from your homey G Dove

Chorus (x7)

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