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Well the leaves come tumbling down the leaves come tumbling down

Just when you think you've got it made the leaves come tumbling down

If you found love that's strong and true then you better hold your head up high

Cause you've got somethin' that most folks want and crave till the day they die

I once knew love that was made of rock I let crumble like sand

I treated bad the love I've had and now I'm a lonely man

Yeah the walls come...

There was a man I knew one time who lived for just one thing

For silver and gold he'd cheat and lie if it meant a personal game

But it wadn't long till the news got out about his cheatin' ways

He lost the friends that he once knew and the money he had made

Yeah the leaves come...

[ dobro ]

One of these we're all gonna leave this ol' troubled land

And you gonna have to answer just like me where to go to make your stand

So you better be sure before you die there ain't no cheatin' ways

Cause there won't be time on the other side brother it'll be too late

Well the leaves come...

Just when you think you got it made the leaves come tumbling down

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