Walking the Void

Walking the Void - Don't Expect Me lyrics

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Don't expect me to stick around here. Situations have to change.

Don't expect much of who I once was. Now the scars have been displaced.

So let's burn this bridge, never come back here.

Did you assume that I'd succumb to this grave I somehow dug?

That I'd end up swimming with the sharks.

And yes it's true, I faked that smile and wore it like a mask.

But now I can see the light at last.

Did you intend these lacerations to leave me in the dark?

But the dark subsides as the sun comes up.

It's not the end cause I'm still here so this is just the start.

Now I'll write the script for my own part.

I wake up to find the past is gone. The lies, the lust; I've overcome.

I'll burn out even brighter cause I'm here to sing 'this war we've won'.

© The Void 2010

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