Walkabouts - Unwind

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You're an open gate

On a barbed wire fence

Swingin' back and forth

You know it scares me half to death

Funny how it moved

From a blessin' to a curse

Ain't it funny how we moved

From the cursed, to the doomed

Will you

Will you unwind

This heart of mine?

Heart of mine

Busted but not broke

Shaken up and stirred

Watch out who you tell

This night is hangin' on each word

But when the mornin' comes

And the lies are cheap

You'll say: "to live is to lose"

I'll say: "losin's the one thing... that we all keep"

Will you... will you unwind?

This heart of mine... heart of mine

Both a blessin' and a curse

In everything we've heard

A blessin' and a curse

This night is hangin' on... each... word

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