Walkabouts - Fairground Blues

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I can still remember

the coat I wore that day

yellow as a plastic moon

with a weave as thick as chains

walkin' past the sideshow tents

drunker than we knew

could never fill my brother's shoes

got them Fairground Blues

got them Fairground Blues

was gone so long, I didn't know

if my brother'd still be there

when I got back to the

burlesque show

four cops were standin' on the stairs

brother's hands were stuck in irons

sweat had soaked his hair

said "you missed the fun in there

missed all the fun in there

you missed the fun in there"

brother's face was red and wild

cop said: "do you know this boy?

Choked a man for just his smile

this one's a killer not a boy."

My brother spit and laughed

and said: "I shoulda' stuck with you

big brother shoulda' stuck with you."

got them Fairground Blues X4

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